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Story of a B-Tech engineer’s love for music

Passion is one where everybody wants to plunge in. You may be forced to pursue alien paths in life. But your passion may be just opposite to that. Whatever, if you do a bit of research, you will get a path.

Higher education is a world you have to choose carefully. That can lead you to peace and prosperity. Why I write this now is when I got a letter from a parent who is suffering from his son’s adamant approach to pursue a programme in music. As a parent he is not against music. But the thing is that, his son is an engineer. He had done his B-Tech from a premier tech-college of India- NIT. Now the son is working as an electrical engineer in a good firm in Bahrain. He draws around Rs.1 lakh per month. This is a good salary for a student who just now starts his career. But now the son wants to pursue his private passion- Music. He is an ardent music lover. His first few months salary was spent for setting up a studio at home. He bought few good expensive instruments and music equipments…