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An overview about higher education in Kuwait

Kuwait city: Here we take a look at Kuwait, a country that has seen strong recent growth in international academic mobility and one that we believe will continue to be a fruitful destination for international recruiters.(We are publishing a report on Kuwait Higher Education published in World Education News and Reviews.)

Compared to many of its regional neighbors – most notably Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar – the northern Gulf state of Kuwait does not spend extravagantly on higher education. However, it does have institutions of higher education that are well regarded in the region, in addition to plans aimed at developing the education system to better meet the human capital needs of the labor market for the benefit of the country and its economy.

Kuwait’s current strategy for higher education includes strengthening access to both vocational and university higher education, developing world-class universities, encouraging the development of private universities in collaboration wit…

Chinese Students attracted towards UAE

Accreditation for American University of Sharjah architecture programme