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Music and theatre school in Muscat

The Donald and Eloise Bosch Centre for Performing Arts
Another window to the music and theatre for students has been opened in Muscat with the inauguration of The Donald and Eloise Bosch Centre for Performing Arts at The American International School of Muscat (TAISM).  The Bosch Center for the Performing Arts includes over 4000 square meters of performance and audience space and seating for 522. The development of the school’s campus was designed to accommodate this spacious enhancement to the academic and activity programs. The multi-million dollar, state of the art centre will be used for training school students in music and theatre.
The spacious stage at the theatre, named after Donald and Eloise Bosch in honor of their 50+ years of service to medical and educational institutions in Oman. "They were such humble people who made such a difference in Oman. It makes me proud to be American and to feature that kind of grassroots music,- Willson explained. "I thought it would be ok just this once to do an all-American show,- said Gwen Willson, director Muscat's biggest expat choir, which started in 1973.

The half-fly tower, rigging and catwalk systems are designed to give students opportunities to learn the technical aspects of theatre production. Jeff Lovett, technical director, will look after all technical aspects at the centre and train students not just theatre, but also the intricacies of running it, according to a TAISM official.
“The new facility will help enhance the performance of our students. We wanted them to have the best opportunities in theatre and the school had done this to support the students,” Kevin Schafer, director, TAISM said. .
Tim Wilson, programming director said that consultants from Chicago, Minneapolis, England and Dubai helped them with theatrical, audio and video elements. “We always wanted acoustics to be the top priority as we cannot change that later. As of now, lighting is of basic level and will be enhanced. "
"Many of our students who are interested in theatre and drama will now have the opportunity to be involved. We not only want them to learn it but also learn to appreciate it. In addition, other elements that come into play are self-discipline and being able to speak and perform in front of people,” Wilson said. The architect for the building was Navjit S Matharu, A+D Canada. Mr. Matharu has worked with the school since the implementation of its master plan in 2000. Major consultants included Schuler Shook Theater Planners and Lighting Designers and Threshold Acoustics, both located in the US. A major design component is the acoustical treatments and the center. Wenger Corporation from Minnesota, USA, was the designer of the acoustical shell and side panels. Tim Willson, TAISM Music Teacher, served as the school’s Project Manager.

The Bosch Center serves as a showcase of the arts for the school community and provides an exceptional venue in Oman for approved local and international performances. This state-of-the-art theater will serve host to drama productions, choral and instrumental concerts, art exhibits, and all formal occasions on TAISM’s campus. The lighting technology is particularly designed for student educational and performance purposes.
The Center also contains a spacious lobby suitable for visual art exhibits and receptions. An expansive lobby is designed consistent with the iconic entry rotundas of TAISM’s architecture, and opens onto an outdoor Alumni Garden plaza providing a welcoming space for a variety of gatherings.
Other companies involved in the project included:
•                   The Main Contractor: Saidon Construction Company, Muscat
•                   Local Consultant: Dawood Engineering Consultancy, Muscat
•                   Mechanical and Electrical Consultant: Technical Office for Engineering Consultancy, Muscat
•                   Rigging Consultants: Almoayyed International LLC Muscat
•                   Lighting and Audio Visual: Oasis Enterprises LLC, (Al Shirawi Group) Dubai, UAE
•                   Carpentry: Habitat, Muscat
•                   Air Conditioning: BEC


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